Corporate Social Responsibility


To ScandeNOx corporate social responsibility isn't just a fancy statement of our intentions - we try to make a difference by sponsoring charity work and small scale business projects in Africa.

Our founder is also the founder of the non-profit charity organisation Pens for Kids Denmark, so naturally ScandeNOx is the main sponsor of this organisation.

Pens for Kids Denmark


Pens for Kids Denmark, ScandeNOx, Claus Hjørnet

Kids in Africa need real help - not just beautifully phrased corporate policies. ScandeNOx helps underprivileged kids to get an education by sponsoring Pens for Kids Denmark.

Pens for Kids organisations in industrialised countries collect stationery from donors and ship the donations to third world countries for distribution among local charity organisations - free of charge. Because development starts with education !


Latest CSR projects

In 2021 ScandeNOx's owner got in contact with a young photographer with an exceptionally big heart - Joseph Loling, from Jinja, Uganda. Joseph was trying to help people in the slum area Masese 3, by documenting the horific conditions under which they live.

We helped Joseph to start the charity organisation "Save a slum child", by giving him a page on the website, make a page for the organisation on Facebook, and by giving him a little financial help to get the organisation going. 

Please help Joseph in his efforts - by sponsoring a child, by sending him scholastic materials, children's clothes, shoes - or cash donations. They need absolutely everything !


In 2019 ScandeNOx helped safari guide, photographer and ornithologist Joseph Mochoge start a safari business - Safari in Kenya by Joseph Mochoge Pvt. Ltd.

We sponsor and edit his website: - and have given him a little financial help to get established.

Please visit his website - and book an unforgettable safari in Kenya with him.

Safari in Kenya, Kenya, safari, adventure, travel


In October 2015 ScandeNOx sponsored Pens for Kids Ambassador James Nyangute's business with DKK 6000,- for a second hand Posho Mill.

James has now purchased the mill, installed it, and started his own business: Kilgoris Milling Co., which undertakes milling of various grains for farmers in his local community in Kenya.

milling, CSR, Kilgoris, Kenya, ScandeNOx, Pens for Kids, Claus Hjørnet

Above: James' Posho Mill after installation.

Below: James' wife Hellen with a customer.


Previous CSR projects

A few examples of previous projects financed by ScandeNOx:

+ Curio Shop in Gwakung'u, Kenya

+ Driver's license & guide education,   Mombasa, Kenya

+ Beauty Parlour in Machakos, Kenya

+ Grocery store in Nairobi, Kenya

+ Secretary service company in Voi, Kenya