VT CORP in Mumbai is part of Sanghavi Group, together with Sanghavi Engineering and Sanghavi Industries.

These companies deal with almost all manufacturing and process industries, like Power, Steel, Cement, Sugar and Paper industry.

VT CORP focuses on cement and related industries, and specializes in Combustion Technology, Bulk Handling equipment, Mixing Technology and products for Emissions Control. VT CORT offers a wide variety of products such as packing machines, truck loading systems, weigh feeders, electrostatic precipitators, and – in cooperation with ScandeNOx – they have recently added NOx reduction equipment to the product range.

Energy-Root is a newly formed company located in Shanghai. Their employees are former colleagues of ScandeNOx's founder, and are probably the most highly skilled and experienced deNOx engineers in China. Energy-Root recently has signed a cooperation agreement with ScandeNOx, and are manufacturing deNOx equipment for the Chinese market - based on ScandeNOx technology. Visit their website at -

ScandeNOx Aps. has an informal but close cooperation with the following companies:

Dansk Analyse A/S - - is our preferred partner when expertise on emission measurements is needed. Dansk Analyse A/S is a worldwide provider of turn-key analytical solutions for the process industry. Dansk Analyse's unmatched analytical expertise and process knowledge, accumulated through more than 25 years of experience, ensures that your specifications are met with the best technical, commercial and operational results.

Evergreen Cement Consulting is our preferred partner when expertise on non-emission related matters is needed. The founder of Evergreen Cement Consulting - Mr. Peter Green Andersen - is a well known face in the cement industry, and used to work for a leading Danish cement plant manufacturing company.

BD Heat - - is located in Florida, USA, and supplies air preheaters, compact SCR systems, compact catox systems, economisers, waste heat boilers, rotary air preheater baskets, evaporators, SNCR systems and access doors.

Abeto-Teknik A/S - - is located in Herlev, Denmark, and is a black-smith company.

Abeto-Teknik manufactures SNCR injectors and modules for ScandeNOx, but can undertake virtually any job typical for an advanced black-smith company - such as lathe machining, milling, welding, bending and cutting - at reasonalbe prices and with great experience.

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