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ScandeNOx has a vast knowledge of combustion & gasification systems, cement plants, boilers and waste-to-energy systems, and can help you with virtually every emission related problem encountered in the heavy industry. Click the picture to see what we can offer in terms of consulting.


ScandeNOx's SNCR systems for large scale combustion systems and boilers are made up from a storage tank for reagent and a number of standard "Plug & Play" modules for pumping, dosing and distribution of reagent, water and atomising air. Tailoring a system for your appplication is merely a question of combining the building blocks to ensure a uniform and good quality of our product.


Combined SNCR and SCR - the so-called "Hybrid system" or "Slip-Brake" is state of the art within deNOx technology and can solve virtually any NOx emission problem that can not be solved by SNCR alone.

Compared to SCR, an SN+CR system uses far less catalyst, and the NOx reduction in the SNCR section ensures low ammonia concentration upstream of the catalyst. These factors make the SN+CR concept particularly suitable for applications with high SOx or alkaline metal concentrations.


SCR can in some cases be the only possible solution to a NOx emission problem - in which case we take out the big tools.

To undertake turnkey SCR projects, we cooperate with a catalyst supplier, a modelling company and a civil engineering company for the detailed design of reactor and building - and only supply reagent storage and injection equipment ourselves.

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For cement applications we supply SNCR systems of a sturdy design that work without water - and for small scale aplications, we have developed a micro SNCR system that contains all the required equipment in one cabinet - except for the storage tank and the injectors.

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