Consultancy references

ScandeNOx’s founder has carried out numerous consultancy jobs, but the company has only existed since 2015, so until now, only a few consultancy projects have been finished by ScandeNOx:


In May 2017 ScandeNOx received an order from Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises for consultancy regarding an on-site dilution system converting 35 % ammonia solution to 25 % solution during unloading from a road tanker.


In March to May 2017, ScandeNOx worked as consultant for Har Tuv Cement (previously owned by Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises).

Under this order ScandeNOx made conceptual design and pricing of an on-site system for producing urea solution.


In December 2015, ScandeNOx authored a report on emissions from Quinn Cement's 3375 tpd ILC clinker burning line in Ballyconnell, Ireland.

The report provides technical documentation and legal arguments for the Client's negotiations with the local environmental authorities regarding future emission limits and operating permit.